Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

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The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This is the month where many attempt to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and many provide funding for breast cancer research.  At Baptist, we choose to focus on what we can do now to increase awareness and support early intervention and … Continue Reading →

Conserving the Gift of Life

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For years, blood transfusions have been considered the “gift of life” for patients with conditions such as severe anemia or acute blood loss. Today, clinical research is causing the medical community to fine-tune its processes for determining when blood transfusions should be given. Studies have shown that better patient outcomes can be achieved with a … Continue Reading →

500 years and counting!

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We think our Cardiovascular Diagnostics team is the best when it comes to experience and expertise. Here’s why: together, our team has worked more than 500 years in the exciting field of cardiology! Our wonderful Baptist Heart cardiologists’ and Baptist Cardiovascular surgeons’ names speak for themselves, but our team also consists of nurses, technologists, sonographers, … Continue Reading →

Seems like I’m always posting good news!!!

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Seems like I’m always posting good news. In keeping with our history of providing high quality care to our patients and families, Baptist has recently partnered with a great group of nine cardiologists. These former members of Jackson Heart are now known as Baptist Heart!!! The following physicians have now partnered exclusively with Baptist to provide all cardiovascular … Continue Reading →

Wound Care Creates a Masterpiece


 A very special reward was shared by the Wound Care staff recently. It didn’t come in the form of money or gold – instead, it came in the form of a masterpiece that required the participation of each individual staff member to create.  Read on below to find out how this team came together to … Continue Reading →

It’s All in the Details: Baptist’s Award-Winning Efforts to Improve Documentation

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Suppose I told you that I’m going to wash your car, and the fee is $300. I’m guessing you’d look at me like I’m crazy. Then you’d say something like, “You’re nuts! I can get the deluxe drive-through car wash for $15!” But suppose I supplied a lot more specific details about that car wash. … Continue Reading →

Baptist Health Systems Names Bill Thompson, CPA, as Chief Financial Officer

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Bill Thompson, CPA, has joined Baptist Health Systems as Chief Financial Officer. His career spans almost 30 years with experience in healthcare management and finance. Thompson comes to Baptist from the University of Mississippi Medical Center where he served as their Health System CFO. He also held positions as UMMC Health System’s Director of Finance and … Continue Reading →

Best Decision I Ever Made

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If you talk to Rhoda Ford, anesthesia technician here at Baptist, she will tell you bariatric surgery “was the best decision I ever made!!!!” Besides being treated for hypertension, Rhoda experienced chronic pain requiring steroid injections, and struggled getting through the activities of her day. She talked to the staff at the Nutrition and Bariatric … Continue Reading →

“Honey, You Just Have to Live Long Enough!”


Great things are happening here at Baptist, and the following story is a testament to the rewards that hard work and dedication bring to both our employees and to our patients! From the wife of a recent patient – “Around 6:30 am, my husband announced that he thought he was having a heart attack. We … Continue Reading →

Martha Howell Has Just The Right Touch

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When you think “Mayo Clinic,” a relaxing massage might not be the first thing that comes to mind. That’s not the case for Martha Howell, LMT, Membership and Marketing Coordinator for Baptist Healthplex-Jackson. A licensed and nationally certified massage therapist, Howell recently completed certification from Mayo Clinic in Hospital-Based Massage Therapy. The course, which included … Continue Reading →