Alphabet Soup and Heart Attacks

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I’m a fan of Louis Jordan, an R&B musician who had a lot of hits during World War II and the years following. One of his WWII hits is a catchy number called “G.I. Jive,” with lyrics highlighting several military acronyms that became commonplace to soldiers of that era. Here’s a sample: “If you’re a … Continue Reading →

The Baptist for January 2015 is Now Online

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The digital version of The Baptist for January 2015 is now online. Take advantage of all the interactive features, including links to more details online, pictures and video. Find interactive features by clicking the icon that looks like the image below: Click here to read The Baptist, January 2015.

Recognizing Those Who Can Do and Teach, Too

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You’ve heard the expression, “Those who can’t do, teach.” It’s not a very nice way to describe educators in some fields (and it’s a phrase I disagree with as well). But what about “Those who can do AND teach?” This is an apt description of staff in the Clinical Laboratory at Baptist. The Lab is … Continue Reading →

Success with “Laser” Focus

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Always on the cutting edge, or should I say “laser cutting,” Baptist has once again committed to improving quality patient care. The recent aquistition of the Spectranectics laser technology takes us steps closer to providing the most advanced way to manage pacemaker/defibrillator leads. Safe The low-temperature excimer laser operates in the ultraviolet spectrum at 308nm … Continue Reading →

The Baptist, December 2014 is Now Available Online

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Read the most recent issue of The Baptist here. Click here for the digital version of The Baptist, December 2014.

Shhhhhhh! Don’t Tell Dawn Davis This Article Is About Her

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When you look under the hood at Baptist, you’ll find many people who do stellar work to keep the quality “engine” performing smoothly. But one particular name has come up again and again in connection with success stories. It happened again recently—and more about that in a minute—so I knew it was time to bring … Continue Reading →

Medical Staff Services Update From Mike Maples, MD

Hall Meeting

Mike Maples, MD, Baptist Health Systems Vice President & Chief of Medical Operations, gives a Medical Staff Services update: Baptist is in the process of collecting physician surveys. Results will be reported to the Medical Executive Committee as well as the Baptist Board of Trustees. The annual Medical Staff meeting was held on Tuesday, and … Continue Reading →

The Baptist November 2014 Is Now Online

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It might not be in your mailbox yet, but you can read this month’s issue of The Baptist by clicking the link below. Be sure to click the movie-camera icon on the bottom of page five to watch a video that relates to the Cyclists Curing Cancer article. Read The Baptist, November 2014

October 2014 Issue of The Baptist is Now Online

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If you misplaced your copy of the most recent issue of The Baptist, no worries. Use this link to read the new digital version: The Baptist, October 2014

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

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The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This is the month where many attempt to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and many provide funding for breast cancer research.  At Baptist, we choose to focus on what we can do now to increase awareness and support early intervention and … Continue Reading →